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Community school students of classes VI & VII receive ESL classes after school program

English as a second language class, has been conducted since the past two months at community school of Bal Kumari, Kapan. In collaboration with the school which was aimed at helping children have a better foundation at approaching English language. The classes were taken on weekdays after school for 45 minutes. With the vision of participatory learning, funlearning and hands-on learning methods. ESL- Educational Support Project Overall Learnings involved: Grammar, Poetries, Songs, Public Speaking, Letter Writing, Essays and weekly evaluation.

ESL Classes were conducted regularly on week days with classes 6 &7

Emotional Learning- Supporting Children's Home

As the saying goes: A family that plays together stays together. The family-like environment at the Bourgandi Children’s Home has made the weekly session with the children at Bourgandi an eventful, fun filled learning space. The GFF Helps Nepal team is invested in creating a safe space for emotional support. This month the session comprised of : basic self defense training, games, storytelling, story listening and moral science lessons.

Eco-Brick Project

Aimed at taking action towards waste-management and creative means of recycling and reusing. The Eco-Brick project initiated by GFF Helps Nepal is intended to empower younger generations to take part in the global call for action against plastic waste and environmental degradation. The project beneficiaries being junior school community school students who were taken for an educational tour to a recycling factory located at Bhaktapur, named Doko Recyclers. The tour was divided into a presentation/ touring within the factory. From recycling plastics, glass, metal, furniture’s, books, papers, and degradable compost, the tour was a fruitful experience as a means of out-door learning.

Supporting Specially- abled Children

Regulary monitiring visit and support is provided to Specially-abled children to enhance the basic muscle movement of students at Srijanshil School. This month GFF Helps Nepal team supported the school staff to help children with their fine motor skills. While, supporting the school staff in documentation purposes.

Exercising of fine motor skills with children at Srijanshil School, Chandragiri.

Women Empowerment- Menstrual Health & Hygiene Session, Kavre

Women’s menstrual health is not a popular issue in the discussion in different parts of Nepal. The lack of knowledge on the matter has largely affected women’s health. GFF Helps Nepal has initiated to bridge the knowledge gap to help women learn and make efficient choices for themselves Referral mechanism and a means of awareness were aimed at providing the women group in the village of Pachkhal, Kavre.

Supporting PNGO with Editing and Health Clinic

Monthly supporting The Child Development Society Electronic Bulletin is a means of harmoniously working alongside the Partner NGO- The Child Development Society. This months EBulletin was edited and sent to the CDS publishing team. Working in coordination with the PNGO in editing and designing has been ongoing for the past one year. There is also a constant requirement of a resource person in the CDS Health Clinic where the representatives attend to patients and visitors at the clinic and attend to toddlers in the Day Care Centre .

Joe FisherWhat does holistic education mean? – GFF Helps Nepal