Gynaecological Health Camp in Kavre, Nepal

GFF volunteers, CDS staff, Mediciti Hospital Doctors and Nurses, and representatives from the Panchkhal Government 

Over the past few visits to the women’s groups in Teen Gharey and Jareytar, the issue of a lack of healthcare in the region has been raised, as has the desire for a health camp. The women’s health is unchecked, and the local hospital is too far for the women to travel to. Teen Gharey and Jareytar have not had a health camp conducted in their area for a few years now. The women of the communities are very poor, have limited to no savings, and mainly work in the fields of Kavre.

GFF decided to assist by organising a gynecological health camp which provided a check up with a gynecologist, medicines and a referral for further treatment if needed. It also aimed to improve awareness of personal health within the community.

The health camp was conducted with the support of the local government and partners including the Mediciti Hospital and Child Development Society. CDS have already run a number of successful Health Camps this year in the Brick Kilns of Kathmandu and also support us with logistics, planning and volunteer staff.

The camp was a great success, with 115 women treated for Gynecological health problems, and provided with the relevant medicine and referrals if needed for further support. We were supported by doctors and nurses from Mediciti hospital, as well as health officers from the Panchkhal government, and staff from CDS. It was a successful camp as it was able to treat many women who had preventable and curable health problems, as well as raise awareness in the community about the importance of looking after your health. As there was support from other organisations in the area, we look forward to continuing these relationships with further health camps to address other health issues in the Kavre region.

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Emily RobertsonGynaecological Health Camp in Kavre, Nepal