Meet Lady Peace Remaneses, GFF HELPS Philippines Representative

I am Lady Peace R. Remaneses, a licensed teacher in Aklan, Philippines. I had my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, major in General Education and studying Master of Arts in Education, Major in Educational Management in Aklan State University, Philippines. Before I had connected with the Glenn Family Foundation, I had taught to various government schools and had been a volunteer teacher in primary level education, from 2017 to 2019 in the Province of Aklan. Since May 2019, I have been volunteering in the Deaf Community wherein I communicate and teach people with hard of hearing by making videos of myself doing basic American/Filipino Sign Language and by video-calling them through Skype or Messenger.

Volunteering has always been part of my life and I can truly feel my life’s purpose every time I extend help to the needy. I want to help my fellowmen, the Aklanon people, to improve their lives even more – honing their skills, educating them and uplifting their moral and spiritual aspects. Serving the community is one of the inspiring deeds that anyone could do that was why in November 11th 2019, I decided to include myself in the philanthropic deeds of GLENN FAMILY FOUNDATION for there is really this desire in me in helping people in my community.

In the past ten (10) months of my involvement with the GLENN FAMILY FOUNDATION – GFF HELPS PHILIPPINES, I have witnessed myself executing projects like Reading Workshop and Mobile Library from school to schools, teaching Science to dropped-out youths, teaching computer skills to housewives, providing food packs to the needy, doing  Online Storytelling to children, and hosting webinars to the teachers and housewives and youths and many more. In the future, I want our projects to focus on educating children online and developing the skills of both men and women to increase and promote livelihood and employment especially in this pandemic.

I want to engage in volunteering and helping people without mentioning my limited access in terms of connections and resources. Despite of that, I still want to bring difference to everyone’s lives especially to children’s. They are indeed the hope of this developing country, The Philippines.

To find out more about Lady Peace’s work in The Philippines, please visit GFF HELPS PH’s Facebook page

Willyn CarrascalMeet Lady Peace Remaneses, GFF HELPS Philippines Representative