Mobile Library Philippines 2021

This is the tenth beneficiary of books from Agbanawan Elementary School, Agbanawan Banga Aklan on July 5, 2021.

The GFF HELPS Philippines Team continues to extend the reach of the library’s safe learning areas to users who may not get a chance to visit and benefit from them. The small percentage of users who are not covered by fixed libraries are often left behind, and most of them are eager learners. We collaborated with local schools in the town of Banga to make this project feasible, and as of now, we have 90 children who benefitted from it. This program made us reconnect with communities and spark excitement among children and teens whose chances of fun have been severely narrowed due to COVID.

These are LP, Stifhany, teacher-in-charge, and the second beneficiary of books in Tabayon Primary School on July 5, 2021.

Recently, we conducted another phase of the program. We worked in partnership with five (5) schools in the town of Banga. We delivered 90 books together with school materials to each school. The teachers-in-charge played a vital role for the beneficiaries to receive their books and school materials as well as monitoring the status of books and the users themselves. As schools closed for vacation and there are no teachers who can collaborate with us, we shifted our scope to neighboring kids that are known to us. With this, we can expand the reach of the program and include the random children from different villages. This September, schools reopen and children will be back to the modular learning which is a form of distance learning that uses Self-Learning Modules. The parents will get their modules from schools and bring it to the safety of their houses. We will continue the program and reach more schools and beneficiaries.

“Increasing the reach and visibility of fixed libraries.”

The parents of the kids are grateful of the books that their children received. One mother commented that her kids always have their mobile phones in their hands, and she’s glad that those books will get into the hands of the children. We are also overwhelmed by the continuous feedback that we receive from the parents of the kids and they are happy to share the satisfying moments of their young ones indulging the books.





Joe FisherMobile Library Philippines 2021
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“Improve access to food, nutrition, mental health and increase physical activity.”

Vegetable Garden 2021

Mr. Paulo, one of the beneficiary of Vegetable garden holds a bunch of pechay that he will sell at the local market.

The GFF HELPS Philippines Team continuously receives the photos sent by Vegetable garden beneficiaries that show the products of the plants. The project technically started in May 2020. We chose fifty (50) families of our online storytelling participants from four (4) schools in Banga, Aklan. The monitoring and feedbacking continued until December as the Team had created a Facebook page and private group chats to exchange ideas and planting techniques amongst the beneficiaries. Another phase was made in 2021, and we included 20 participants from the past GFF webinars. We delivered the seedling packs house-to-house. The total beneficiaries from the town of Banga reached 70 families. This project was geared towards the UN goal “Zero Hunger” where we help people fight off hunger and gain access to nutritious foods. Furthermore, it can boost mental health and physical activity especially during this time where people are confined in their houses.

We make certain that each beneficiary is monitored. They shared the problems that they encountered and we gave suggestions. Withered plants are unavoidable especially that the rainy season has begun. Some plants can’t tolerate too much water and need more attention, but there are some too that are productive and can endure the dry and rainy seasons. Sometimes we can visit the houses of the beneficiaries and most of them still have their garden.

Vegetable Project Phase 2 – This is the Simon Family receiving their seed packs on 12th April in Manggan Banga

From the photos and feedbacks that we received from the beneficiaries, we are grateful that most of them were able to reap the products and consume them. Some were able to harvest a generous amount and sell them. One of the beneficiaries that came from the list of webinar participants shared that they planted all the seedlings along the river where the soil is more fertile. The outcome is great because the plants thrive and produce good vegetables that can be sold in the local market. He and his wife harvested the products and sold them to the market. The amount was able to put food on their table for two days and the remaining vegetables as side dishes.



Joe Fisher“Improve access to food, nutrition, mental health and increase physical activity.”
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“Educating people on Ginger Tea Making and its Benefits during pandemic”

Ginger Tea Making Webinar 2021

The GFF HELPS Philippines  Team had successfully hosted and aired its fourth free webinar about Ginger Team Making which was beautifully presented by Miss Jemaima Ambag to more than 20 participants from different parts of Aklan Province, Philippines on 26th day of August 2021 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Joe Fisher“Educating people on Ginger Tea Making and its Benefits during pandemic”
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Bringing back the children’s love for reading amidst this pandemic

The GFF HELPS Philippines Team had successfully lent a total of eighty (80) children’s books and eighty (80) drawing materials to the equal number of children from the five (5) schools in the school villages in the District of Banga, namely, Agbanawan, Tabayon and Lapnag Primary Schools and Polocate and Sigcay Elementary Schools in Banga, Aklan, Philippines. It has been more than a year since the pandemic and schools are still not open for face-to-face classes, therefore, the books were collected by their parents during their retrieval of modules in each respective school. It was agreed that their children will borrow the books and could lend it to their younger siblings, do their activities together, ie., drawing, coloring , peer reading while their books are under their care until the opening of classes returns in August or September to which they will return the books to their teachers.

These are LP and the hardworking teachers of Agbanawan Elementary School on July 5, 2021.

This is the second beneficiary of books from Sigcay Elementary School, Sigcay Banga Aklan on July 6, 2021.

It was some time in June when we started communicating with the school leaders and presented our Mobile Library Project with them. We received positive feedback from the five schools and they really showed interest in partnering with the project amidst the pandemic. We then started sorting the books – per level and per genre – according to the needed number based on the beneficiaries per school. We then bought drawing materials in the nearest school supplies in the  town of Kalibo and started packing until we reached the date of the schedule for distribution which was on July 5th and 6th, 2021.

These are LP, School Head, and School Teachers posing in front of the School’s name in Polocate Elementary School on July 6, 2021.

The schedule of distribution came  and we went to these five schools located in the far places in Banga, these were schools located in the villages and we were happy for the warm welcome of the school leaders, teachers and the parents who were present waiting for their children’s books  and drawing materials. The teachers also submitted the list of beneficiaries per school as  a formal form for both the GFF and their school.


The teacher and the parents have been sending photos of their children reading the books and doing their activities. According to Sir Kynan, the school leader of  Polocate Elementary School,“It was a good thing that our GFF Mobile Library is back to bring back the children’s love for reading especially this pandemic wherein phones and TV are the only things that the children take time with.”

This is the fifth beneficiary of books from Polocate Elementray School, Polocate Banga Aklan on July 6, 2021.  

This is LP together with the beneficiary, teacher-in-charge, and head of the school in Sigcay Elementary School on July 6, 2021.






Joe FisherBringing back the children’s love for reading amidst this pandemic
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Enriching the children’s minds and hearts through stories.

The GFF HELPS Philippines Team continues to provide a quality education through online storytelling with children ages 9-12 from Banga, Aklan, Philippines. Online storytelling is one of the innovative pedagogical approaches that can engage students in deep and meaningful learning. It is a powerful tool to integrate instructional messages with learning activities to create more engaging and exciting learning environments. Thus, we provide stories that revolve around meaningful topics and activities constructed from the topic that will gear them towards the application of learnings. The parents truly appreciate the benefits that their children acquire and do their best to make them involve in every storytelling session.

We make certain that each participant will be able to participate to feel inclusion. We show our appreciation through digital prizes and their smiles indicate their appreciation. We also suggest a better composition of their answers during the lesson to help them present their answers more clearly. We make constructive corrections especially in pronunciation and we always ensure that they understand complex words.

Stella and his brother read together the passage.

It is pleasing to hear their laughs but what’s more rewarding is to see their improvements and that they also serve as teachers of their younger siblings. One of our participants named Stella who has a younger brother said, “Teacher, my mom wants my younger brother to learn too.”

This only shows that their interest was awakened when they see other children participating in our storytelling. We are happy to see them in every storytelling session and their friends and siblings joining them too.

The participants read the keywords from the lesson.

Joe FisherEnriching the children’s minds and hearts through stories.
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Meet Stifhany Salvador – The Philippines Volunteer

Meet Stifhany Salvador – The Philippines Volunteer

Greetings from Aklan, Philippines!

Hello Everyone! I’m Stifhany Salvador, a Licensed Professional Teacher working as an ESL teacher and a new GFF HELPS volunteer here in The Philippines.

Joe FisherMeet Stifhany Salvador – The Philippines Volunteer
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Solar-Powered Homes for the People of Galicia Village

Solar-Powered Homes for the People of Galicia Village

The GFF HELPS Philippines is delighted with the successful result of the Solar Project Phase 1 in the Village of Mercedes in the Town on Madalag last December 2020. Upon hearing the beneficiaries’ meaningful testimonies and seeing how the Solar Lights have been changing their lives, we pushed through the second phase in the next prospect village, the Galicia, without any hesitation.  

Joe FisherSolar-Powered Homes for the People of Galicia Village
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Sewing Project: First Output – Facemasks for the Beneficiaries of Solar Project

Sewing Project: First Output – Facemasks for the Beneficiaries of Solar Project
Our women have been making efforts to improve their skills and livelihood by patiently learning sewing lessons online. Their willingness to learn despite having zero-knowledge, age, internet connection, and limited time since they are all housewives, are worth praising.

Willyn CarrascalSewing Project: First Output – Facemasks for the Beneficiaries of Solar Project
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Solar-powered Homes for the Wonderful People of Mercedes Village

Solar-powered Homes for the Wonderful People of Mercedes Village
As we had our first visit to the Village of Mercedes last 12th of November, we’ve met and talked with the humble village leader, Mr. Margarito Francisco, and got familiar with the place and the villagers’ ways of living.

Willyn CarrascalSolar-powered Homes for the Wonderful People of Mercedes Village
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